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Editors would know that coverage without  presence on the ground can be dangerous. It can too often expose them to manipulation of the true picture.

Naively accepting data from PRs, including from official sources, can put them at risk of being judged by their readers as foolish..

During only a comparatively short period I have seen serious examples, in my case in the field of finance,  that prove the point.

To guard against such problems my working life includes personal attendance at a range of conferences, where inevitably I make personal contact with key sources, including in the European Commission, European Parliament, the Council of the EU, and in numerous numerous other well informed expert groups.

It helps that my office is near the main EU institutions, such as the Commission’s Berlaymont building

Working as a freelance, my working norms may have contributed to me having been kept on as a regular contributor by major publications, mainy based in the UK, but also in the US.

My background includes supplying over long periods major publications ranging over Accounting Today (US), Financial Times (FTfm), Compliance Week (US, Private Eye etc. Occasional work has been accepted by the Economist, BBC and the Sunday Times and others.

My preferred outputs are features, and when the occasion arises, light humour

CV data, British, born London, reporter trade press, reporter and sub-editor Express & Star, sub-editor Daily Telegraph, PR as industrial specialist, from London base, and from Brussels base own firm supplying EU HQs of internationals firms.

Contact details: Jeremy Woolfe, office + 32 2 7337199 (flops to handy), +32 486156059,