Brussels is the de-facto administrative capital of the European Union, which comprises 28 countries and has a total population of 500 million. It is the world’s largest economic zone.

Brussels accommodates the by far the greatest concentration of EU institutions. These include the bulk of activity of the European Parliament, the European Commission, the executive civil service of the EU,  and the headquarters of the European Council, which coordinates meetings of the member states individual governments.

As a result of its status, the city has become the home of numerous embassies, NGOs, federations of commercial interest groups (including accountancy and banking and other financial interests, as well as offices representing the different regions of Europe. It also features important think tanks that influence European policy.

The press corps itself numbers around 1200 accredited journalists, which makes it the largest in the world, on par with  Washington.

Non-European publications wishing to supply their readers with information of what is going on in business and political affairs in the EU should normally consider coverage from Brussels before looking to have journalistic representation in the other European capital cities.

Jeremy Woolfe,  journalist, Brussels, EU affairs, financial legislation


Jeremy Woolfe, born London,  RAF commissioned, since 1990s working as a freelance journalist, Brussels, which as capital city of Europe is a rich source of news. JW covers especially  international financial legislation.  Career background includes: general news reporting, and industrial reporting for British regional newspapers,  Fleet Street sub-editing (home news, Daily Telegraph 1 000 000 circulation national daily); followed by a period running in Brussels his own 2-3-4 man PR business, doing business communications consultancy across parts of Europe. Clients were mainly  large companies, including British Aerospace Commercial Aircraft, Honeywell and Richard Ellis, Citibank, Johnson Controls, Rentokil and so on.

As a result of this work, a large number of serious publications right across Europe used JW written material . Publications also include editing and writing a book on environmental matters (for European Commission) and practical handbook on media relations, translated into Romanian language. Reversion to journalism during 1990s, working for a period as political-economic correspondent from Brussels for New Europe, (circulates mainly in Eastern Europe).

From 2000 to present time (2014) specialized in writing feature articles on financial legislation, including coverage of compliance, accountancy, investment and EU affairs. Currently main activity is writing about  financial legislation,  a complex legal subject that is in some ways reshaping world economies, for the better. Outlets have included :- The Accountant Accounting Today (US), Compliance Week (US),  Life Insurance International, Investment & Pensions Europe, FTfm (for fund managers) and others in the same subject area.

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